Apostle Matthew Machisa

Apostle Matthew Machisa

Monday, May 2, 2011

Church Structures

Our vision is to build 5 Church structures by 2020.Your prayers and giving can make this vision possible!

Ministry Motorcycles and Financial support for Ministers

We need motorcycles for our Pastors and Elders who are leading Churches for their day to day Ministry.Some of them travel 20 miles to reach to Churches they minister to,a motorbike can increase both their time and area of Ministry.We have 3 Churches  and we have four more scheduled to be planted this year.Our vision is to have each leader of these Churches have a Ministry motorbike.

A US$100 each month will take one Pastor a long way to impact lives for Christ.Consider to support any of our Church Leaders today and that will help them to make a full time ministry possible.

Housing and Office project

We have bought a suburban lot which is 580 square meters.We plan to build a two story house which will help with our accommodation,guest rooms and offices.Pray for this project,we need approximately US$25 000 to build this house in Harare.

Pray for the Lord's provision for our Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota land cruiser 4x4 Vehicle
We are in need of a four wheel drive vehicle which will be able meet the challenge of our rural Ministry rough roads.I and my family travel 400 miles from Gweru where we stay to reach some of our Churches in Mudzi Rural District.US$20 000 will help us to buy a good used Toyota Land cruiser.Continue to pray for the Lord's provision for this Car as it is going to help us impact many lives for Christ in the villages.