Apostle Matthew Machisa

Apostle Matthew Machisa

Friday, September 1, 2017

Our Monthly support goal

I Matthew and Paidamoyo Machisa as the chief founding servants of GFMI have the privilege to trust God to provide for our ministry and living expenses through partnerships with organizations, churches and individuals who want to see the rural Zimbabwe and beyond reached with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
Today people like you are very important to partner with GFMI to fulfill the great commission. Your partnership and friendship will enhance our fulltime ministry through your monthly pledges. We would like to invite you to come and join hands with us by contributing fin
ancial support each month. 
For this to be a reality we need devoted men & women of God who will commit themselves to continuous monthly giving. We thank you for decision to join the GFMI financial team.
While I am here in USA you can write a designated check to : Matthew Machisa  OR
For your month to month support or a one time gift later you can write a check to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Belridge Baptist church for Matthew Machisa/GFMI and send it to:
Bel Ridge Baptist Church 
108 Monterey Avenue Belvedere South Carolina  29841
Call 803-279-3366

OR you can give online (www.gathergogrow.org)

Donate towards the following NEEDS.

It is another exciting time to be in the States again meeting with supporters. My prayer is that God will be able to raise men and women who can partner with us to fulfill the great commission. We need your prayers, friendship, partnership and financial support. You can become part of a mission team that can come to Africa/Zimbabwe for a church planting, medical outreach, Leadership training program or a borehole drilling outreach. Water is a necessity in Zimbabwe as in most rural areas it is difficult to get clean water and most of the times ground water is not easily accessible because that would take professional equipment to achieve, thus donations towards drilling a borehole will play a pivotal role in making sure there is safe water for the villagers.

Glorious Fellowship Ministries International undertakes to show the love of Christ in the rural places where we have churches and showing them that we care, can you become part of this and make sure that someone in the remote parts of Zimbabwe has clean water? This is your chance!

Below are the needs we have for this 2017 and you can sign up for any need that you feel led towards by the Holy Spirit.